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Chemical nature

Percol 47 is a non-toxic high-molarmass water-soluble polyacrylamide derivative.

Technical data
Physical form White micro beads
Particle size 98 % < 1400 μm
Bulk density ~ 0.8 g/cm³
Ionic charge Cationic
Solid content* ≥ 90 %
pH- value** ~ 4.5

This information only indicates a typical
property of the product and MUST NOT
be taken as specification.
* 10 g dried for 2 h at 120 °C
** measured in a 0.3 % solution; deionised water

Product must be stored in a cool dry place. All protective packaging should be kept in place until the product is required for use.
Recommended storage
period of 1 year.

Special feature
Percol 47 is supplied as free flowing micro beads with excellent solubility.
Polyacrylamide derivates like Percol 47 are the basis of state of the art single, dual, multi component, Hydrocol® and Telioform® retention systems.

Areas of application
Retention and drainage aid for the manufacture of all paper and board grades.
Recommended in single, dual and multi component, Hydrocol, reverse Hydrocol, post screen Hydrocol and Telioform microparticle retention systems.
In order to achieve best performance, it is recommended to use Percol 47 as part of an optimized BASF system in
combination with Hydrocol, Polymin®, Catiofast® and/or Telioform products. Also applied as a polymer flocculant for
enhancing the efficiency of paper machine saveall systems.

 Gives superior first pass retention of fines and mineral fillers in papermaking furnishes.
 Enhances drainage for energy savings in sheet forming, pressing and drying.
 Decreases white water solids to improve raw material yield and saveall efficiency.
 Improves paper machine output and runnability for maximum return on investment.
 Enhances wet-end colloidal retention leading to improved sizing and dye efficiency.
 Provides stable wet-end conditions to improve sheet uniformity and paper properties.
 Performs over a wide pH range.

Preparation and Application
Designed for thin stock addition prior to sheet formation with a minimum of shear after dosage.
It is important to achieve a homogenized distribution of Percol 47 solution in the paper stock. This can be achieved by optimizing the speed differential between solution and stock or by choosing a suitable point of dosage.
BASF can provide recommendations for suitable preparation and metering solutions.

Usual addition rates
Retention system: 0.01 – 0.1 % based on paper production tonnage.

Recommended solution concentrations
Primary Solution: 0.25 – 0.5 % max.
Final Solution: 0.05 – 0.1 % max.

Preparation of Primary Solution
To prepare a ready to use polymer solution it is recommended to use a suitable make-down equipment which provides a homogenous and lump free solution and a minimum mixing time of 60 minutes and a holding time of 60 minutes.

Water for primary dilution
Ideally in a range of 15 – 35 ºC.
Lower temperatures will require a longer stirring and mixing time.
Higher temperatures will cause product hydrolysis and loss of efficiency.
Free of solids, free of color, free of transition metals and free of bleaching materials. High calcium hardness can accelerate the negative effects of other damaging materials or high temperature.

Storage of Primary Solution
After holding time the Primary Solution should be used as soon as possible and within 24 hours to avoid hydrolysis or bacterial/fungal growth and therefore a loss of effect.
Solutions with a pH of greater than 5 prepared with hard water are unstable, and their pH needs to be adjusted
to 4 – 5 with sulphuric acid before they are stored for any length of time.

Preparation of Final Solution
To dilute the Primary Solution to final concentration suitable in-line mixing equipment such as a static mixing device or a mixing pump is recommended.

Water for final dilution
The quality of water used for final dilution is not as critical as that used for the Primary Solution preparation.
The contact time should be limited and the flow should have sufficient velocity to maintain cleanliness in
addition lines.
Warm water can be used.

Biocide treatment
All BASF flocculants are sterile as supplied, but polymer solutions can act as a growth medium for airborne and/or waterborne fungus/bacteria.
Where this occurs, continuous addition of biocide is required. Only Isothiazoline based biocides are recommended, at an addition level of 1 – 2 ppm active on water volume.
Any contaminated pipework should be replaced before the
treatment is initiated.

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