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Tên sản phẩm: Gia keo bề mặt Basoplast 7305 cho giấy bao bì
Mã sản phẩm Basoplast 7305
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Basoplast® PX 7305 X ap

RBU, Dispersions & Acrylics Asia Pacific
Chemical nature
Acrylonitrile-Acrylic dispersion with cationic charge.
Physical form: Milky yellow brown-white liquid
Ionic charge: cationic
Miscibility with water: Miscible with water in all proportions if stirred
Low-temperature stability: Not resis-tant to frost
Synthetic surface sizing agent used for paper and board-production.
Basoplast PX 7305 X ap can be used in combination with nonionic and cati-onic auxiliaries that are used in surface sizing formulations. Compatibility tests are recommended.
Basoplast PX 7305 X ap is not com-patible with anionic substances such as CMC or anionic dyes.
Technical Data
ca. 3 - 4
(Brookfield, Sp.1/100 s-1, 23ºC)
ca. 15 - 40 mPa•s
Solids content*
ca. 29 - 31%
* For detailed information see Specification Data Sheet
Basoplast PX 7305 X ap is usually applied with starch in the size press.
Its starch-compatibility can be tested by mixing it with cooked starch solution and leaving it to stand for minimum six hours in a sealed vessel at ca. 60°C in a drying cabinet. Experience has shown that the mixture heated >75 °C might display impaired sizing perform-ance and stability.
The pH of preparations used for sur-face sizing should not exceed 6.0 - 6.5.
Basoplast PX 7305 X ap is versatile as it performs very well on paper made from unbleached pulp, waste paper (DIP or OCC) and wood-containing pulp and also on paper made from neutral wood-free pulp.
The paper does not necessarily have to be sized at the wet end before Baso-plast PX 7305 X ap is applied, but this can be an effective means of controlling size press pick-up. The sizing effect is largely independent of alum content in the wet end.
Basoplast PX 7305 X ap can also be used to size paper glazed on one side only with-out affecting the smoothness. Paper sized with Basoplast PX 7305 X ap is resistant to acid inks and alkalis. The sizing performance is not fully developed after the drying section. Usually the full sizing effect is devel-oped after the re-winder e.g. 20 min-utes.
Apart from providing sizing, combina-tions of Basoplast PX 7305 X ap and starch can also enhance the surface of paper and board by increasing its wet pick strength, reducing the linting and improving the printability of paper.
It is generally recommended to apply Basoplast PX 7305 X ap at a concen-tration of no higher than 5 g/l together with 50 - 100 g/l of starch in order to obtain a hard-sized paper.
Basoplast PX 7305 X ap is low-foaming, however, the use of a defoamer is recommended as mill conditions may vary. The use of an emulsion type is preferred.
Basoplast PX 7305Xap must be pro-tected from direct sunlight. It should be stored in a cool place and protected from freezing.
The headspace of bulk storage tanks must be kept saturated with water va-pour. Customers interested in purchas-ing this product in bulk should consult our leaflets on “The handling and stor-age of polymer dispersions”.
According to our experience to date, stainless steel (AISI 316 Ti or AISI 321), polyethylene (Lupolen®) and polypro-pyl-ene can be used for tanks and pipework.
Acid resistant ethylene-propylene-diene terpolymer rubber (EDPM) can be used for the stators of progressive cavity pumps.
Basoplast PX7305Xap contains acetic acid. Safety glasses must be worn when handling this product in its undi-luted form.

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